I shared the other day that sugar used to be the fuel that got me through long days. For YEARS, I used to be addicted to sugar.

I would eat bags of peanut M&Ms. Sleeves of crackers. Boxes of Peeps. (Oh, how I loved those Peeps!)


I ate sugar every single day. Actually, multiple times a day. Sugar was my friend and constant companion.

I could NOT stop eating sugar.

To make matters worse, I was really hard on myself. I would beat myself up about how much sugar I ate, and how often I ate it. I would get frustrated that I could do challenging things like pass the bar exam, run marathons, and land a high-powered job in a big law firm, but I COULD NOT STOP EATING SUGAR.

At the time, I had NO IDEA that sugar was addictive – and that I was a sugar addict.

I remember being utterly horrified and panicked at the mere THOUGHT of going a day without sugar. But, all of a sudden, one day when I was hiking in the Rocky Mountains in Canada, I made a decision that I was going to stop eating sugar. For 6 months. For real. Or, at least I was going to try.

BUT, BEFORE I went cold turkey, I wanted to have a “last hurrah”, so I gave myself permission to eat as MUCH sugar as I wanted during that trip, and NOT judge myself for it.

I ate pink-frosted donuts from a local bakery, and ridiculously decadent desserts at the Fairmont Lake Louise.

I ate Coffee Crisp and Caramilk candy bars and maple syrup candy – and MORE! – without restricting or judging myself.

Not surprisingly, I gained a few pounds and my mood was bonkers from the crazy sugar highs and lows, but I realized it was the first time in my life I was free from self-judgment. #totalfreedom

Not judging myself was one of the most liberating things I have ever done.

I came home from the trip and I committed to using only stevia and occasionally raw honey, and that’s it.  No birthday cake, no ice cream, and no peanut M&Ms. Nothing. For 6 months.

And I did it. I gave up sugar entirely for 6 months.

I went from feeling CONTROLLED by sugar to realizing that sugar was something that I could CHOOSE. I got my freedom back.

Instead, I added sweetness into my life other ways. I ate more fruit. I exercised more (but not to punish myself!). I spent more time with friends. I got more hugs. I indulged in self-care with massages and manicures. I gave and received more love.


It’s all about the love.

Which is why as a Legal Coach®, I am all about the Legal Love™. All I want to do is to make the law SWEET and light and fun.

The law can feel scary and confusing and overwhelming, and many traditional lawyers can be SALTY and harsh and unapproachable.

That’s why my approach to the law is ENTIRELY different than traditional lawyers.


Check out the many ways we differ…

  • I understand online entrepreneurs – because I’m one too!
    Most lawyers don’t know about opt-in gifts, Ontraport, or online courses.
  • I write easy-to-understand documents in plain English.
    Most lawyers still write with legalese and words like “aforementioned” and “heretofore”.
  • I offer packages with installment payment plans – more like a coach.
    Most lawyers bill by the hour and charge you for every 15-minute phone call.
  • I explain every word of a legal document so you know exactly what it says.
    Most lawyers don’t give you hour-long coaching calls to answer your questions.
  • I link legal steps to the 7 chakras because the law is practical AND spiritual.
    Most lawyers would think that is waaaaaaay too “woo-woo”.
  • I give away lots of FREE legal info through Legal Chats, posts and calls.
    Most lawyers don’t come from the “give first” mentality – they “bill first”.

Which is why I am loving you up with a free mini-disclaimer template that you can use on your program materials, ebooks and more in my free legal call.


If you haven’t yet signed up for the call, join me (and over 600 other entrepreneurs!) this Wednesday 4/8! The call will be recorded. Everyone is welcome, whether you are in the US or abroad.

Sign up for the free legal call now at lisafraley.com/mini-disclaimer.

Even though I don’t eat as much sugar these days, I STILL would choose a sweet lawyer over a salty one… every time. Wouldn’t you?

Here’s to overcoming sugar addiction, choosing sweet over salty, and free legal calls!


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