Are you scoping yet?

Periscope is the latest way to broadcast yourself, and it’s EXPLODING with popularity!

While I personally have a love-hate relationship with Periscope, I do like giving you quick legal tips whenever I have a sec. I “love” that I can interact personally to answer questions in real-time, but I still “hate” seeing myself in videos. (Truly. I don’t know about you, but my inner critic comes out in full force when I see myself in videos; yet, I keep doing them anyway! #vulnerabilityiscourageous)

I get questions from clients all the time that are fun to answer on Periscope. In fact, 2 different clients recently asked me what they CAN and CAN’T legally do on Periscope itself so I thought I had better scope about it.

Here are “3 Legal Tips for Periscope” so you don’t get in trouble while you are filming on the fly.

Check out the video for the full deets, but, here’s the skinny:

1. Make sure you’re allowed to use that ‘90s pop music playing in the background.

Do you have music playing in the background when you scope? Like that 90’s pop music you were dancing to 5 minutes ago before you started filming and forgot to turn off?

If it’s music from a popstar or your favorite band, don’t forget that you need to get permission to ensure that you are not violating their copyright rights. #bettersafethansorry

It doesn’t matter if you have a ton of followers watching – or only one! You still could be violating their copyright rights just by having that music playing. Here are your options when it comes to music and Periscope:

  1. Turn off the music before you start to scope. #problemsolved
  2. If you like music playing, purchase royalty-free stock music online. (There are a million free sites – just Google “royalty free music” and you’ll find one I promise!)
  3. Get licensing rights to use the music from the artist or through a music royalty website (you know, like they do for TV shows).

2. Are there other people in your scope? Get permission from them before you turn the camera on them!

  • Is there anyone popping up in the background of your scope? Or did you scan the room to include them in the video?  Make sure it’s okay with them to include them in your footage so their friend doesn’t see your scope and Facebook message them about it and then they get pissed at you and come after you (or badmouth you). #sonotfun
  • Are you filming in or near a business or corporation? Make sure you film where the name AND the identity of the corporation is not readily identifiable…otherwise, get their permission first before giving them free marketing that they may not want.
  • Do you have any children in your scope? If you, you are legally REQUIRED to get permission from their parents.  A verbal “yes” is not enough because later that parent may change their mind. You need it in writing. You may even want the parents to sign a media release.

3. Be like George Washington and stick to “I cannot tell a lie.” Only speak the truth.

If you are expressing your opinion or making comments on your video, be careful what you say. You are entitled to express your opinion about something. #yayforthefirstamendment

However, be sure that you are saying only things that are TRUE and you are not hurting anyone’s reputation or engaging in libel or defamation. #onlyspeakthetruth

When it comes to the law and Periscope (and everything else!), it’s always about risk – and minimizing it however you can.

It’s your choice what you decide to say while scoping, but be sure to follow these 3 tips to cover yourself while filming.

If you have more questions around what you can and can’t do on Periscope (or any social media, for that matter), feel free to schedule a free legal chat with me HERE. Happy to help!

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Here’s to scoping on the fly, getting comfortable on video (ahem!), and covering your buns as you do it!

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