Last week I was absolutely thrilled to be a keynote speaker at the Be GREAT Conference in Seattle with an incredible tribe of healers and coaches who align their businesses with soul & spirit!

But, for me to get up on stage and be a KEYNOTE speaker, well that took my work to a whole new level! #rockstarmoment

It’s no secret that 2015 has been an amazing year for my business.

When I was on the plane headed back from the Be GREAT conference, I was looking through my Leonie Dawson “2015 Create Your Shining Year” goals that I set back in January and I was reflecting on the past 10 months to see what I have accomplished and what I still want to do this year (and next!).

I completely surprised even myself by how much I’ve gotten done this year: #takingstock

  • I ran 2 amazingly successful launches of go bare™– a legal course for entrepreneurs (that yielded over $150,000 in revenue alone!)
  • Individually coached over 100 entrepreneurs to get legally covered to protect their biz & brand
  • Was interviewed as a guest speaker on BOATLOADS of podcasts/webinars/bonus calls, etc.
  • Grew my team to include a graphic designer, website designer, VA, copywriter and Online Marketing Manager so I could more fully step into my role as CEO of my business.
  • QUADRUPLED my list size!
  • Got over my crazy-scary fear of videos and recorded over 20 videos in my very own video studio in my basement with the help of my amazing Image Consultant/Set Designer/Videographer/Personal Stylist Carrie Montgomery.
  • Got on Periscope to give on-the-fly legal tips.
  • Held my “Legal Love Giveaway” where I gave $1,500 in legal coaching services to one lucky winner, Easy-Peasy LOA Coach Susan Ferraro
  • Participated in my local monthly Maine Mastermind of INCREDIBLE coaches including Licia Morelli, Carrie Montgomery, Amber Lilyestrom, Christina Neuner, Erin Melito, Laura Thompson Brady, Kelsey Abbott and Kate Northrup.
  • Got invited to speak at The Health Coach Mastery Summit at Club Med (alongside Kris Carr and Gabby Bernstein, if you can believe it!)
  • Spoke from the stage about “The Law & The Chakras” at the Be GREAT Conference last week!

Here’s a quick 1-minute snippet from my Be GREAT presentation:

(Video Credit: Jeany Park of Compass Rose Video, who was kind enough to spontaneously record this video with her iPhone. I wish she had brought her professional videography equipment with her b/c she’s AMAZING!)

And, most recently, I have teamed up with fellow lawyer Gena Shingle Jaffe to create “Damsel goes bare” – including a free 6-video series, 4 free live webinars (that start TOMORROW) and an 8-week soulful legal course with sparkles!

Like many of you, I don’t really stop to think about all these things I’ve accomplished very often. In fact, it was the first time ALL YEAR that I have really even thought about it.

I just keep plugging along – LOVING that I am able to share my gifts as a Health & Life Coach and Attorney with the world in this way.

But when I had several “rock star moments” at the conference, I took a pause.

  • I noticed that people instantly recognized me from my online presence.
  • I met clients and affiliate partners from around the world face to face for the first time.
  • I had people tell me that they were honored to spend time with me – and what was so funny was that I felt the VERY SAME WAY about being honored to spend time with them!
  • I even had people paying active attention to my chakra-colored wardrobe of dresses! #whowouldhaveguessed

It makes me SO GRATEFUL that my journey has led me to this place.

It makes me SO THANKFUL for you – my amazing tribe! #legallove

THANK YOU for letting me help you put your key legal steps in place.
THANK YOU for trusting me with your precious creative business baby.
THANK YOU for giving me the opportunity to serve you by doing what I love.

My entire mission is to provide loving legal containers for your business. Because when you have loving legal containers in place (like your Client Agreement or a Website Disclaimer or a Trademark) then you can feel safe and secure to share YOUR creations with the world so that YOU can have these rock star moments too. #everybodywins

I invite you to join me in taking stock for a moment…

  • What rockstar moments have YOU had this year?
  • What have you accomplished this year that you might even surprise yourself to realize?
  • What are you thankful to be able to offer the world through your heartfelt service?

I will be thinking about you as I take the stage at The Health Coach Mastery Summit this week with deep gratitude and appreciation.

You are such a gift to me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Here’s to pausing for a moment to take stock of your accomplishments, to celebrating your successes, and to being grateful that we ALL can serve the world as entrepreneurs and have our own empowering #rockstarmoments!

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