This week 3 clients have contacted me because their clients have stiffed them.

Their clients stopped making payments – and they refuse to pay.

It’s so hard when a client stops paying you for your services.

It’s especially frustrating when this happens when you’ve taken the right legal steps to cover your buns with a Client Agreement for your 1:1 clients and used Terms of Use for your group programs and courses.

And, yet, clients drop off the face of the earth without warning, by:

    • E-mailing you that they want out and they aren’t going to make any more payments.
    • Letting their credit card expire or their credit card doesn’t go through.
    • Not paying their PayPal invoice.
    • Not returning your e-mails or phone calls

Has this happened to you? Then you know how icky it feels.

But, what are you supposed to do? How do you the collect money owed to you?


When your client won't pay

Don’t worry! There are clear, simple steps to take to collect your money.

First, if you used a signed Client Agreement for your 1:1 services, or your client “checked the box” and agreed to your Terms of Use for your group program or course, you can jump up and down because it will help you TREMENDOUSLY.

(Legal Love Tip: If you aren’t using a Client Agreement or Terms of Use yet, start using them now with your very next client or program so you have the right language if they try to dodge payments.)

If you don’t have something signed by your client, or your pasted-together contract is lacking, it’s a bit trickier to collect, but the DIY Collections Checklist & Letter will still help you.

The DIY Collections Checklist & Letter package lays out the exact steps to take and includes the firm (but loving!) words to say in e-mails, phone calls and letters to demand payment now.

Everything is written in plain English so it’s easy for you AND your client to understand – and created with Legal Love™ so you don’t feel like a greasy-haired bill collector or harsh bounty hunter when you contact your client.

The DIY Collections Checklist & Letter Package includes:

      • Collections Checklist with the 6 key steps to take to get paid
      • Sample phone, e-mail, and collections letter templates with exactly what to say
      • Audio Guide to walk you through each step

For $197. Peanuts if you are trying to collect HUNDREDS or THOUSANDS of dollars that your client still owes you.

Do you have money to collect – or want to be ready with the right language in hand if a client suddenly stops paying you?

Get your DIY Collections Checklist & Letter HERE.

Tracking down money isn’t fun. It can stir up all kinds of old money stories, and can happen when we need to shore up money leaks and create stronger legal and energetic containers for our business.It’s like the Universe is inviting us to step up to a higher level of self-responsibility and to take our money and our business more seriously, which supports our solar plexus chakra. (Um, thanks, Universe, for the challenge!)

It takes courage to create stronger money boundaries and collect past due payments, but this DIY Collections Letter & Checklist can help!

Here’s to helping you collect your money, creating stronger biz boundaries, and making the whole process super-easy!

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