It’s midsummer!

Midsummer makes me think of Swedish lupines, maypoles and a time of reflection.

My father was an exchange student to Sweden in high school, and he took us back to visit Sweden when I was a child. This photo was sent by his Swedish niece of her actual lupine garden in Sweden. Gorgeous!


The summer solstice – or Midsummer – is such an important festivity in Sweden that there have been serious discussions to make the Midsummer’s Eve into the National Day of Sweden, instead of June 6. (Sounds like a good plan to me!)

We were lucky enough to be able to celebrate Midsummer when I was 10. #lupine #midsummer #summersolstice

We had so much fun with our Swedish children as we danced around the flower-covered Maypole. We jumped over 7 fences in the neighborhood and picked 7 flowers that we put under our pillow that night to dream of who we would marry. The adults drank schnapps and pickled herring. The sun stayed up all night and it was magical, even seen through the eyes of a 10-year old.

And we celebrated life and love during this Midsummer day at the mid-point of the year.

Midsummer is the perfect day to reflect on the half the year that has passed and get clear about the half still to come.

Which brings me back to business (#asalways!)…

Midsummer is a natural time to whip out those January goals that you wrote in your Danielle LaPorte Daily Calendar or your Leonie Dawson Biz Workbook to see how far you have come, to write down your accomplishments from the past 6 months and reassess what you want to accomplish in the coming two quarters.

As you sit down and give some good thought to the programs you have launched and what’s coming down the pike, don’t forget to take stock of what legal protections you have and haven’t yet put in place based on where you are with your business.

I recently shared some key legal steps for you if you are a brand-new Health Coach,
if you sell essential oils or are in the direct marketing business
, or you are a
recent B-School graduate

But what if you are a bit farther along in your business?

What kind of legal protections do you need at the mid-point of your business?

In other words, what are your next steps If you’re not fresh-out-of-coaching-school but you’re not at Marie Forleo’s level either?

Just the other day, one of my clients was asking me this very question.

She’s got a beautiful website with scrolly fonts and gorgeous photos where she blogs regularly, so fortunately, she’s already gotten herself covered with her Website Disclaimer and Website Terms & Conditions. Check!

She has an amazing free opt in gift where she assures everyone through her Privacy Policy that she will never sell their name and email. Check!

She’s made consistent 5-figure months for the past year with her 1-on-1 coaching services, and she loves that her Client Agreement helps her get paid promptly. Check!

And now, she’s preparing to launch her first BIG group program…the one that she’s poured her heart and soul into, and she’s got visions of it yielding 6-figures.

She said to me: “Lisa – now what do I need so no one steals my new group program content or comes after me?”

I smiled and said, “Here’s exactly what you need… your Terms of Use for Online Programs & Products. This is the document that you use for purchasers of your group programs or online courses.” Ba-da-boom. She went to my site, grabbed the DIY Terms of Use, downloaded the template, listened to the audio and video & and got them up on her sales page within 1 hour. Done!

How about you? Midsummer can be a great time to reassess, reevaluate and rejuvenate your business and to get your legal protections in place so you can sail through the second half of 2016 with ease and grace!

Questions? Feel free to comment below and just ask. I am here to support you.

Here’s to lupines, Midsummer and to consistent 5 figure months!

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