I am just back from a relaxing week of vacation on Sanibel Island. Growing up, my grandparents had a home there so I spent many Spring Breaks walking along the beach looking for shells, riding bikes around the island, and sunning by the pool.

I didn’t realize how pooped I was from working so hard last year (perhaps you can relate?!), and how much I needed the EXPANSIVENESS of the ocean to reflect on the past year and make room for new ideas in 2015.



(This photo makes me feel like I am standing on the edge of the world!)

During my vacation, I was flooded with sooo many great ideas for how to give you more legal information in ways that are EASY, LESS EXPENSIVE, and FASTER – and I am buzzing with electric excitement!

I realized that over the past two years, I have built a multi-6 figure business primarily through one-on-one legal coaching services. It is now time for me to expand to offer more DIY options and ways to share more info with you more easily and accessibly. I came up with:

  • A variety of DIY options!
  • Free GIVEAWAYS! (including a BIG Legal Love™ Giveaway coming VERY SOON!)
  • More ways to give you legal-EASE!

In fact, the crazy success of the “7 Days to Get Legally Enlightened” e-course back in September and earlier this month affirmed that people are eager to learn as much as you can about the legal protections you need in ways that are LIGHT, FUN and EASY. I am excited to give you just that!

As I looked out over the ocean, I also felt incredibly grateful that over the past year I mustered the courage to let my “woo-woo” spiritual voice out of the closet to join my “practical” legal voice so that you could become “legally enlightened” about how to protect yourself.

Because taking the right legal steps is CRITICAL to the success of your business.

It’s like building a sandcastle, actually.  If you ever watch children build sandcastles, they work so hard to gather pails of sand, build their castle, surround it with a moat, and claim their spot on the beach.

Yet, in one ocean wave, it can all be swept away if they don’t plan it out to avoid high tide or build a proper foundation.



It’s totally the same with business, you know? You work so hard to build the business of your dreams, and you want to make sure that “one big wave” won’t come wipe it out.

It’s so important to build your castle on a strong legal foundation.  After working with over 500 clients, I can’t tell you how many entrepreneurs tell me that they now feel:


  • SAFER having a Client Agreement in place that has their back.(In fact, just the other day, one of my clients reached out to me because one of her clients had wanted a refund and she wanted help drafting an e-mail reply to her client. She said she felt so safe and secure knowing that she could fall back on the written refund policy in her Client Agreement that we had worked on together – which was music to my ears!)
  • PROTECTED having a Website Disclaimer and Website Terms + Conditions and Privacy Policy up on their site (so someone doesn’t copy or steal their work – and if someone does, there is strong legal language to fall back on).
  • RELIEF knowing that they have created Terms of Use where people have to “check the box” before they purchase an online program or downloadable product (so people clearly know the rules before buying).
  • CONFIDENT creating an LLC or S-Corp to help them “go pro” (so they can “act like a real business” and feel more confident.)

I want to invite you to take a second to look back up at my photo above and focus on the ocean. Imagine you are standing there with me breathing in the salty sea air, and fully welcome ALL of the wonderful things that the year ahead has in store for you!  Take a deep breath and dream big!

Comment below and share with me:

:: What is one thing you are feeling EXPANSIVE about for the year ahead?

:: What is one thing you are feeling ELECTRIC about creating this year?”

:: What is one step you want to take to have a more solid LEGAL FOUNDATION for your business?

Here’s to January vacations, salty sea air, and building (sand)castles with strong (legal) foundations!

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