DIY or not to DIY, that is the question.

I have been bursting at the seams the past few weeks. I am soooo excited about these DIY Legal Templates! #celebrating

I can’t stop telling everyone about them in my Legal Chats. And what have I heard as a response? “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” (No joke – Multiple thank yous!) “Now I can afford it!”

As I’ve shared in my past few e-mails, the DIY Legal Templates allow you to do it yourself, save money, and get covered 24/7. Even while sitting on your couch drinking a cup of tea.

But, I’ve also heard a few questions that keep popping up so I wanted to share some answers in case you’re wondering….

Can I REALLY do a legal document myself?”

Yes, you totally can! The audio guide walks you through legal template, paragraph by paragraph. My cheery voice on the audio guide helps you fill in the blanks. It could not be any easier. Truly.

Will I know how to use the legal template once I have it?”

Yes! I tell you exactly what it is, how it protects you, and how exactly how to put it in place. Directions are included, so you won’t be scratching your head wondering what the heck to do.

“Can use the legal template over and over?”

Yes! The DIY Legal Templates are created in Word documents so they’re easy to edit. Once you download the template, it’s yours to edit and use over and over again!

“Is there a payment plan?”

Yes! I love payment plans. Seriously LOVE them. Even though the templates are just a few hundred dollars each, most of the DIY products do have payment plans.

“What if I have questions? Can I talk to you?”

Yes again! There is an option to book a 20-minute Private Legal Chat where you can ask me any questions you want about the template.

“Will you still be offering 1-on-1 services?”

Yes! My current services have gotten a makeover with an upscale twist. (oooh! Who doesn’t love a makeover?) They now are called Legal Luxe Services! You get done-for-you services, private access and a lot of time with me, but you also receive (my favorite part!) a gold luxe gift box full of hand-selected items to support your chakras packaged by me and sent to your home or office.


diy legal templates (3)


So which DIY template do you need? If you…

:: Have a website and your website has NO legal language (two lines probably isn’t enough)?
You need the Website Disclaimer,Terms & Conditions Privacy Policy.

:: Offer one-on-one client services?

You need a Client Agreement.

:: Offer group programs or online courses or sell info products:?

You need the Terms of Use for Online Programs & Products.

:: Want to get organized, register your business & learn about taxes?

You need Sole Proprietor Biz Registration & Taxes

:: Have an opt-in gift or want to do paid social media ads?

You need a Privacy Policy.

:: Don’t know whether you need an LLC or S-Corp or which one is right for you?

You need Which Corporate Entity is Right for You?

:: Wonder if you have a biz name or tagline that should be trademarked?

You need How Do I Know What’s Trademark-Worthy?

Still have questions about which DIY doc is right for you? Comment below and I am happy to help you get clear!

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