You may think I’m totally nuts.

Certainly many traditional lawyers might think I’ve fallen off my rocker.

For a long time, I wondered if the way that I thought about the law was way too “out of the box”.

After all, what lawyer thinks of the law as protecting your business in smart practical ways, but also elevating your business energetically?

What other lawyer connects legal steps to the chakras?

Trust me, when I put the law & chakras together (thanks to divine intervention!), I myself even questioned if it was too edgy or “out there” to speak of the law in spiritual terms.

I was petrified that people would think I was completely wackadoodle. #andtheymay

As a result, I held myself back and kept my approach to the law under wraps for a VERRRRRY LONG time. #totalscaredycat

Most people don’t think about legal steps and the law having anything to do with chakras or energy, right?

But, I’m trained as a Holistic Health Coach and Life Coach and the way that I approach EVERYTHING in my life and my work is truly holistic.

So that means that I approach the law in a holistic way too. #holisticlawyer

You may not know it, but when you put legal protections in place for your business (like Website Disclaimers, Client Agreements, Website Terms and Conditions, and Trademarks), you’re also strengthening different chakras – or energy centers – in your body.

I couldn’t resist creating this Periscope video on “How the Law Supports Your Chakras” to explain it what I mean (and answer viewers’ questions about chakras) more fully:

When you take legal steps to protect your business, you:

  • CREATE STRONGER BOUNDARIES by drawing legal lines in the sand.
  • GET REALLY CLEAR on who you are, what your business does, what your brand is, and what’s included in your programs, services, and products.
  • PUT POLICIES IN WRITING as legal backing so you feel confident and secure as an entrepreneur. #score

You actually uplevel yourself energetically in ways that you probably never expected.

Need an example to fully understand how that works?  Here you go:

You know that when you put a new website out into the world – or you go through a rebrand – it can feel TERRIFYING to launch your new site for the first time.

  • You may feel exposed when you show people your site.
  • You may wonder if people will misinterpret what you wrote and apply it the wrong way.
  • You may worry that someone will get confused about what you do in your business – and you could end up in a legal pickle.

As the owner of your business, you are allowed to protect yourself and your biz in a very loving and caring and spiritual way, starting by having a strong Website Disclaimer on your website.

Watch the video above to hear exactly how a Website Disclaimer supports your root chakra (and more!)

Want more information about how the law supports your chakras – and why that’s important for your business success?

I am sooooo excited to be talking about the law & chakras in my Get Legally Enlightened Facebook group which I invite you to join HERE! 

Each day I’m posting gorgeous images, fun quotes, intriguing questions, practical legal tips, and spiritual inspiration relating to each chakra to show you how the law protects you both practically AND energetically, and I invite you to share your experiences in the group.

Lucky for us, there are 7 days of the week and 7 chakras! Check out the banner on the page which tells you the topics for each day.


It’s totally free and a fun way to connect around the chakras AND the law. #chakralove

Hop over to the Get Legally Enlightened Facebook group, request to join and I’ll see you there! 

Here’s to getting legally enlightened!

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